Aquaculture Engineering – Tilapia Research

Tilapia Breeding: The biology of many individual tilapia species is now well known and the interest in using these species for fish farming has led to considerable developments in recent decades. The principal practical reasons for farming tilapia are: simple reproduction/breeding processes; rapid growth rate; good tolerance to high stocking densities and intensive rearing conditions; 

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Autonomous RC Car Engineering Society Project – Using Computer Vision

  Project Overview Design a working rc car which incorporates a computer e.g raspberry pi / mobile phone that can stream the data to a separate computer (for image analysis ) alternatively the processing can be done on the pi once it has learned. Using OpenCV neural network and haar-cascade classifiers train the car to 

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Controlling Electronic Devices Using The Internet – NodeJS || Arduino Communication Project

Introduction This project in a nutshell: Controlling an Arduino micro controller from a web interface. Therefore control any electrical device from anywhere with internet. I wanted to stretch my understanding on programming and web development and what better way to do this then doing a simple but effective project. The hardware is kept at a 

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Masum Ahmed