Aquaculture Engineering – Fish Project Starts

I am starting a new project, I will be making 2 small scaled indoor fish farms. I do not have a lot of room inside the house so i will be utilising the garage. The purpose of this project is to get a better understanding for fish farming and gaining hands on experience. I will hopefully be taking this project one step further. 

At this current moment I am on my placement year at buckman hardy associate.  I will be working on this project during the evening and the weekends. My father will be helping me with the mechanical and wood works. 

First thing first, I know absolutely nothing about fish farming. It will be a massive learning curve. In fact most of my fishing experience has been terrible. Nevertheless, I an engineer, I can and will understand this. 

Why am i doing such a project like this?  First and most importantly there’s a lot of engineering behind this project, it incorporates software, electrical and mechanical engineering along with biology, chemistry and physics sciences.  All of which peaks my interested and i hope it will be a wonderful experience. Secondly fish farming is highly profitable and i hope to gain knowledge and experience in this area and only way to do this is to actually do it. 

This is the master post and any related post to aquaculture engineering i will include the links below.