Third Year Engineering Project Proposition – Heart Monitor

An IOT wearable device that monitors a person’s heart condition. Collected data is stored on the cloud. 
The device is able to detect when the user is having a heart attack and is able to alert a medical facility.

Project Involves:  Hardware

Analog circuit to convert the electrode signal to a useable range for the processor.
Design a circuit board that uses Arm / RISC V based Microcontroller.
Power circuitry
Battery charging circuit
Wireless BLE / BT5 integration (GSM module consumes too much power during transmission).

Signal processing of the electrode data on the embedded device. (C/C++)
Communication with the BLE / BT5 IC (C/C++)
Basic Android App: To send data to the cloud, make emergency phone calls if there is a heart attack.  (Java)
Web-based GUI: To display the data. (JavaScript / HTML/ CSS/ Database(e.g SQL))

Masum Ahmed