About Me

Name:Masum Ahmed
Age:20 Years
Lives In:Kent, United Kingdom
Uni:University of Kent
Degree:Computer Systems Engineering BSC

Hi there I am Masum

Thank you for checking out my website. I am a second-year engineering student attending the university of Kent. Am passionate about doing projects in my spare time.  My field of interest is broad; embedded systems (Software & Hardware), Medical / Health, Web Development and electronics. I also really enjoy the management aspect of the project work. At the time of writing this (November 2017), I am the project manager of the engineering society managing 3 projects simultaneously – 2 for the engineering society and the other one for my second-year engineering group project. Combined am responsible for 30 students ranging from different discipline and background. The engineering projects are completely unsupervised, and all the work is done by the students

Technical Skills

Programming Language

Hardware Skills

Other Languages & Skills

·         Embedded C

·         Arduino MCU

·         SQL / PHP/ HTML / CSS

·         C

·         ESP8266

·         OpenCV

·         OOP Java

·         PC/Laptop Repair

·         Haar Cascade Classifier

·         JavaScript / NodeJS

·         Raspberry Pi

·         Bengali

·         MATLAB

·         ESP32 SoC

·         Hindi / Urdu

·         Python

·         Circuit Prototyping

·         Project Management

Uni Achievements 

Project Manager of the Kent engineering society (2017 -18).

Current Planned Project:

  1. 12*12*12 RGB LED Cube
  2.  Autonomous RC Car OpenCV Neural Networking


Year 1 Grade: Distinction (1st)

1st prize in robotics: